CSafe Connect

A New Frontier for the Truly Integrated Supply Chain


Introducing CSafe Connect, the first and only fully integrated digital supply chain ecosystem for the pharmaceutical cold chain



A one-stop-shop application that lets you manage all your shipment-related needs, on a single platform

Full visibility of all your shipments

Ordering, tracking, alerts, reporting and customer support  

Alerts provided in platform, by e-mail and text message

Access to all of CSafe's digital solutions and knowledge-based material

Seamless collaboration across all supply chain partners for informed decision-making and better outcomes

Easy user management ensures all key stakeholders have access to the shipment information in real time 

Unlimited number of user access

A single log in allows to see the data from multiple platforms directly from within CSafe Connect

Seamless collaboration across all supply chain partners for informed decision-making and better outcomes
Save time and simplify processes 

Save time and simplify processes 

Ability to customize and save routes as shipment profiles

Multiple shipment legs can be created for enhanced tracking and reporting

Real time devices provide proactive shipment management, allowing users to export shipment details for intervention as needed

GDP compliant standard shipment report (PDF)

Customer support at your fingertips

Contacting CSafe has never been easier, log a ticket, ask a question or live chat online with customer support, all from within the platform

Customer support at your fingertips


Our new portfolio of TracSafeTM data loggers not only records data, it also provides protection and peace of mind

Options to cover all your requirements and needs allow you to focus on what matters most - the patient

  • Available in single-use (USB), reusable (BLE) and real-time devices
  • Available for integration into CSafe temperature-controlled shipping solutions
  • Range of devices allow for different levels of conditional monitoring: Location, payload/ ambient temperature, humidity, pressure, shock, tilt, light and door open/ close events
  • Shipment data visible on the CSafe Connect portal


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While your shipments go around the world, CSafe is with you around the clock.

CSafe Connect


CSafe offers real-time shipment visibility for active and passive products through the CSafe Connect platform. With integrated tracking devices, customers and CSafe support staff will have 24/7 access to request and manage leases and monitor shipments through our user-friendly cloud-based platform and intervene to preserve a payload when needed.

Customer Service Support


CSafe provides customers with online and phone-based support 24 hours a day. With support team members at locations around the globe, your online requests, emails and calls will be answered timely and resolved as quickly as possible. Our customer support system automatically generates tickets that can be routed and tracked to maximize efficiency. Additionally, we employ predictive analytics for our workforce management to reduce customer wait times.

Preventive Maintenance Rebuild (PMR) Program


Before and after every lease of our active and passive solutions, CSafe completes a standard visual inspection and cleaning, functional testing, and refrigeration system testing to ensure optimum container performance and reliability.

All leased containers in our fleet also undergo annual system temperature validation testing.  All containers must pass these stringent maintenance and validation tests before being released back into service. 

In addition, every three years, as part of our Preventive Maintenance Rebuild (PMR) program, CSafe disassembles active containers to complete a detailed visual inspection, test all major systems & components, and replace batteries and any required components.